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Do Not Hire a Book Editor Before Reading this Free Report!

(Not reading number 4 could make you WIN or MISS OUT on thousands of £££!) 

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In this FREE 34-page report (value £132), you will discover:

  1. The financial reason you MUST know which editing service you need. 

  2. A detailed summary of 6 different types of editors, their roles, and how they can benefit you.

  3. A financial breakdown of how much book editing services cost.

  4. 3 reasons why hiring a book editor could literally win you a publishing deal, earning you thousands. 

  5. 6 harsh truths you MUST know before hiring a book editor. 

  6. How YOU can get the first 2,000 words of your manuscript professionally edited for FREE!

  7. How YOU can get TWO literary agents like one of my clients!

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