Free Consultation

If you're unsure about which service your manuscript needs, or you'd prefer a free taster to be sure that Stand Corrected is for you, a free consultation may be your first step. 

How does it work? 

Great question! 


As this is a free service, all you need to do is attach the first 10 pages of your work to an email and send it in for review. I will have a read and assess which type of editing your manuscript will benefit from the most before typing up a feedback report. Don't worry, I'll be kind! 

If your work requires the type of editing that Stand Corrected Editing can offer, such as copy editing, line editing or proofreading, I will polish your 10 pages. If your manuscript needs an edit that Stand Corrected Editing can't provide, I will continue with the feedback report and advise you on your next steps! 

Get in touch for your free consultation! 

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