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13 Secrets to Creating Achievable Word Count Goals for Your Manuscript | Explained by UK Book Editor

Professional book editor lists 13 secrets to creating achievable word count goals so you can finish writing your manuscript sooner rather than later!

Picture this: your hands have been on the keyboard for most of the hour. You've been typing your heart out and making all the sense in the world. The page looks pretty full too, so you must have reached or even exceeded the word count... or not. Then you start to wonder: where did the words go? Have you been typing in the smallest print possible? Is this the right document? Will you ever finish this manuscript?

You're not alone; creating and reaching word count goals is a major headache for most writers. All your thoughts and research may be able to fit into fewer words than you expect, and you have to find ways to flesh it out without losing the essence or watering down your message. Your schedule also looks pretty packed with daily activities, and you just have to beat this looming deadline.

If you’re seeking ways to create realistic daily or weekly goals for completing your manuscript, here are a few tips.