The Ultimate Novel Writing Masterclass - The Only Online Creative Writing Course You'll Ever Need!

Hey you! Welcome back to my blog. If you're new here, I'm Chelsea and I'm the owner of Stand Corrected Editing where I get to fulfil my passion as an affordable book editor and proofreader in the UK! Check out my book editing services here!

Today, I'll be talking about my amazing novel writing course for writers just like you - The Ultimate Novel Writing Masterclass!

You absolutely deserve to write and produce the perfect novel that allows you to become the best-selling author you are destined to be - without the fear that you'll never finish your book; fear you won't attract a literary agent; fear you'll never see your book on bookshelves; fear you won't get published; fear your book will be hated; fear you won't earn enough royalties to become a full-time author; fear you'll never be as good at writing as you want to be; the fear of failure.


  • Finally finishing a novel you can be proud of and writing "The End".

  • Waking up to literary agents requesting to read your full manuscript.

  • Getting to secretly sign copies of your book in your favourite book shops.

  • Receiving tons of positive reviews about YOUR amazing novel.

  • Watching the royalties flood into your bank account.

My 8-module course is for writers who want to write a novel the correct way, attract their dream literary agent without a fuss, or self-publish a well-written manuscript.

Full of proven techniques, genuine ideas and easy-to-follow steps, The Ultimate Novel Writing Masterclass will breath life into your novel and ignite your novel writing skills.

You'll Learn How To:

  • Fully understand the genre you're writing so you can market your book properly.

  • Easily understand the three-act structure. (Bonus Content: an infographic that explains each step of the three-act structure.)

  • Write a simple but effective outline for your novel. (Bonus Content: outlining worksheets so you can properly structure your story plan.)

  • Choose the best POV for your novel.

  • Choose the right narrative for your book.

  • Create the perfect protagonist, the most vicious but believable villain, and memorable side characters. (Bonus Content: a detailed character creation sheet to help you fully develop your characters.)

  • Craft your first chapter.

  • Write believable dialogue.

  • Create mind-blowing cliffhangers.

  • Develop story-enhancing subplots.

  • Write the inciting incident of your novel.

  • Give readers an explosive climax.

  • Show, not tell (character appearances, expressions, reactions, emotions, atmosphere, weather and how to replace adverbs with stronger descriptions).

  • Begin new lines, new paragraphs and scene breaks.

  • Write in the active voice instead of the passive voice.

  • Bonus Content: a common grammar mistakes PDF and a perfect punctuation PDF.

  • Avoid repetition.

  • Avoid lengthy sentences.

  • Keep your writing consistent throughout.

  • Beat writer's block.

  • Stay motivated as a writer.

  • Finish your book when you have a full-time job.

Unlike other writing courses for writers that either don't teach enough about the ENTIRE writing process, or teach generic or outdated techniques, The Ultimate Novel Writing Masterclass guides you through effective and up-to-date (as of 2021) strategies to help you write the perfect novel for the world to read.

Applying what you learn from The Ultimate Novel Writing Masterclass means that you will have:

  • A well-written and structured novel that is ready for professional editors, literary agents or self-publishing.

  • Full manuscript requests from literary agents.

  • More positive reviews (if you choose to self-publish).

  • More royalties from your books.

You're ready for The Ultimate Novel Writing Masterclass if you are:

  • Excited to grow as a writer and pursue your dream of becoming a successful, published author.

  • Passionate about writing and determined to launch your novel into the world for all to read.

  • Willing to learn how to write and structure your novel the right way.

  • Hoping to attract a literary agent who is excited to represent you and your book.

  • Planning to self-publish your book and be an independent author.

You're NOT ready for The Ultimate Novel Writing Masterclass if you are:

  • Stuck believing you'll never finish your manuscript because you're not 100% passionate and committed to pursuing a writing career.

  • Brainwashed into believing that you'll never make it as a published author.

  • Afraid to take risks and try new, amazing things.

  • Not willing to invest in yourself.

  • Unable to manage your time properly and cannot commit to learning and implementing.

Here's my guarantee if you enrol on The Ultimate Novel Writing Masterclass:

You might be thinking, "all this sounds brilliant, but what if I get access to the course and I realise it's just not right for me?"

Because I believe in this course 100%, I'm willing to offer a money-back guarantee. If you find that the course just isn't for you, simply get in touch within 14 calendar days of your purchase, and I'll refund your money.

Though, I'm pretty sure that once you jump into the masterclass, you won't want to leave. The money you invest in yourself with The Ultimate Novel Writing Masterclass could literally change your novel and your life. So, be sure to give yourself a chance to succeed!

So, you have a choice:

You can pass on this course and keep wondering how you'll ever make your novel a success.

And maybe miss your opportunity to learn exactly how to become an amazing author readers love.

Or you can commit to investing in yourself now and enrol on this masterclass immediately.

Which one is it?


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