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Which Publishing Route is Best for You? Traditional or Indie - Detailed by a UK Book Editor

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Traditional Publishing or Self-Publishing: The Best Publishing Route for Writers

Professional book editor in the UK reveals which publishing route could be best for you and your manuscript - traditional or indie!

You can be at any stage of the novel writing process and STILL not know whether you want to self-publish or try the traditional route (getting a literary agent), and that can be okay...until it really starts to bug you that you have no solid direction!

I get this - I'm still unsure which publishing path I want to take for my fantasy book because both options sound great, but I hope to share my knowledge on both choices so you can hopefully make a quicker decision than me!

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I know a lot of my followers on Instagram (@standcorrected_editing) are dead set on self-publishing, but some people feel like that's their only option because they don't believe traditional success could ever happen to them.