Writing Competition Entry Fees

Updated: Jan 14

Since launching the Short Story Competition, a few people have grumbled, complained, and opposed the entry fee on social media. Some have wished for these sorts of competitions to be free, while others have been downright rude with their comments.

The writing competitions hosted by Stand Corrected Editing are to encourage more people to get creative and granting the winner with their hard-earned prize. The entry fee is to contribute towards the prize money, and any extra profit made will go towards the next competition prize.

For those who will inevitably complain about the entry fee when a new competition is launched - we all live in an age where most things are expensive, and money is tight, so bar all the wealthy businesses out there, it's simply not possible for the rest of us to pay out of our pocket.

If you are still unhappy, no one is forcing you to enter, and there will be many free competitions in future, so please refrain from turning a positive opportunity into a negative.

Stand Corrected Editing is not the first and certainly won't be the last to host writing competitions with an entry fee. Many other companies and organisations have fees ranging from £5 - £50. To name a few: Writer's Digest, Brick Lane Bookshop, Historical Writers' Association, The Bath Novel Award, The Bath Short Story Award, The London Short Story Prize and many more.

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