Hey! I'm Chelsea & I'm a book editor + proofreader at Stand Corrected Editing. It's lovely to meet you! :)


I charge £0.01 for a thorough developmental/line edit,£0.0093 for a copy edit & £0.0089 for a proofread at

Stand Corrected Editing!

  • I have experience editing fantasy, medieval fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, romance, erotica, women's fiction, contemporary fiction, drama, crime, thriller, action & adventure, short stories, poetry, YA fiction, children's fiction, memoirs, non-fiction, academic papers.

  • I have experience as a writer who understands the demand for affordability AND quality.

  • I'm qualified to edit your manuscripts!

  • I'm more than happy to work to your deadlines, providing they are reasonable!

Take a look at my turnaround times below:

2 weeks to complete up to 30,000 words.

4 weeks to complete up to 50,000 words.

6 weeks to complete up to 70,000 words.

8 weeks to complete up to 100,000 words.


Have a project that will definitely take longer? Well, get in touch and we can discuss a deadline that will meet your needs! :)


Have a shorter project, such as a short story, children's picture book or a poetry collection? Amazing! I can complete up to 6000 words in 24 hours! 


I understand that communication is essential when you hire an editor. You want a professional you can talk to about the good, the bad and the ugly, which is why I always add comments and suggestions to your manuscript and provide you with an editorial report at no extra cost!! :D


What you get from me at Stand Corrected Editing 

Depending on which editing service you require, I'll go through your manuscript line by line and thoroughly check for issues within your believability, character development, dialogue, clarity, consistency, descriptions, show vs tell, flow, mood & tone, paragraphs, plot, subplots, factual accuracy, structure, syntax, grammar, punctuation, spelling and typos, which will leave you with a fully-polished manuscript that is ready for literary agents or self-publication.

You'll get feedback where you need it, and suggestions on how certain parts of your work could be stronger!

I don't give free editing samples (in the same way as I don't ask the waiter at the restaurant for a free starter, though I wish!)

HOWEVER...if you opt for Stand Corrected Editing, you will receive FREE book promotion once your book has been published!

On board? :D

Check out my editorial packages below!


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Hey! I'm Chelsea!

I'm the owner and editor at Stand Corrected Editing and I'm here to help you on your way to attracting a literary agent or self-publishing. 

Stand Corrected Editing is my independent literary consultancy in the UK, which I launched in the cosy autumn of 2019.


My goal is to help all sorts of writers achieve their dream of becoming a published author, and to do this, I offer a range of editorial services designed to polish and perfect your manuscripts so they are ready for the world to see!

What Others Say...

"Chelsea edited my manuscript (novel) which was over 114k words and did an amazing job. I have been traditionally published before and I can certainly say that Chelsea did a far better edit. High quality service at an affordable price. Big thanks." 
- Sarah Bramley

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