Hey! I'm Chelsea!

Chelsea at Stand Corrected Editing

I'm the book editor at Stand Corrected Editing, my editorial business in the UK. I help writers like you to get their novels ready for literary agents & self-publishing!
My ultimate goal is to provide you with a fully-edited manuscript you can be proud to query or self-publish, and to do this, I offer developmental editing, line editing, copy editing and proofreading. All book editing services are designed to polish and perfect your manuscript so it's ready for publication.

My Book Editing Services

Developmental Editing: £0.01 per word.

Line Editing: £0.01 per word. 

Copy Editing: £0.0093 per word. 

Proofreading: £0.0089 per word


(Don't worry about breaking the bank, you can leave a 50% deposit instead of paying the full amount up front!)

My Estimated Turnaround Times

2 weeks for up to 30,000 words.

4 weeks for up to 50,000 words.

6 weeks for up to 70,000 words.

8 weeks for up to 100,000 words.

If you have a manuscript longer than 100,000 words, please understand that it will take me a little longer to complete your work to a high quality standard.

My Experience 

Since working as an editor, I have gained experience working in the following genres: fantasy, medieval & historical fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, romance, erotica, women's fiction, contemporary fiction, drama, crime, thriller, action & adventure, short stories, poetry, YA fiction, children's fiction, memoirs, non-fiction, academic papers.

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My Editing Process

As with all of my clients, depending on which type of editing you need, I'll go through your manuscript line by line and thoroughly check for the following issues: active & passive voice, believability, capitalisation, chapter length & structure, character development, clarity, consistency, descriptions (show vs tell), dialogue, factual accuracy, flow, grammar, lengthy sentences, mood & tone, new lines & paragraphs, plot, punctuation, repetition, sense, spelling, structure, subplots, syntax and typos.

Your manuscript will then be ready for the next editing stage if needed, literary agents or self-publication. 

You will also receive feedback where it's needed, and suggestions on how certain parts of your work could be stronger and improved. I provide feedback in the comments of your manuscript and in my delivery email. 

Disclaimer: As much as I always strive to make your manuscripts the best they can be, I am only human, so it is impossible to always guarantee 100% perfection. 

Furthermore, it is also impossible to guarantee that you will get a literary agent or make sales as a self-published author, so please do not expect instant success after working with Stand Corrected Editing. Professional book editing gives you a better chance of representation or book sales, not a free ticket.

How I Edit Your Work 

To keep you in control of your novel, I use the "Tracked Changes" tool in Microsoft Word so you can choose to accept or ignore my edits. 

The Benefits You Get for Choosing Me as Your Professional Book Editor

  • I absolutely love editing your stories and meeting new writers, so you'll be working with a passionate book editor who wants to help you succeed as a published author.

  • I'll help you to promote your novel for FREE once it's published (on request).​

  • You'll receive a 35% discount for The Ultimate Novel Writing Masterclass (on request). 

On board?

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