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To help you forge a wildly successful career as an author

Hello and welcome to our humble abode here at Stand Corrected Editing, my book editing company located in the UK. I'm all about helping you put your very best manuscript forward so you can achieve your author goals. I've worked with lots of amazing authors from all over the world, preparing their stories for querying or self-publication, and I'm here to help you, too!

Whether you plan to self-publish and carve a career independently or query literary agents and take the traditional path, my thorough editorial services & packages will give you everything you need to make your dreams happen. Being a full-time author, seeing your stories in book shops, and leaving a legacy for yourself doesn't have to be a pipe dream - we can help you make your fantasy a reality together! 🥳

Ready to get started? 👇🏾

Pick Your Book Editing Package!

The Writer's Package

The Writer's Package offers an editorial assessment, which evaluates your plot, characterisation, structure, writing and marketability, and gives you the book editing service that would benefit your manuscript the most based on the issues discovered in the assessment.

The Storyteller's Package

Snap! The Storyteller's Package offers everything in The Writer's Package, but you get TWO book editing services instead of one.
Plus, if you're self-publishing, you also get your blurb and book description written for you. And if you'll be querying agents, you'll get a personalised query letter & synopsis!

The Bestselling Author's Package

Snap again! The Bestselling Author's Package offers everything in The Storyteller's Package, but you get THREE book editing services instead of two.
And depending on your publishing plans (indie or traditional), you'll get a bunch of additional goodies that will put you ahead of everyone else!

Want just developmental editing, line editing, copy editing or proofreading?

Hey! I'm Chelsea!

I'm the word-wrangling, plot-polishing powerhouse behind Stand Corrected Editing! Specializing in fantasy, sci-fi, horror, historical fiction, and romance, I’ve dedicated my career to helping writers turn their vivid imaginations into compelling, polished narratives. 

I believe that every story is a journey, and every author deserves a trusted companion to guide them, like the wise mentors in our favourite geeky tales. Whether you’re battling through your first draft or grappling with your final one, I'm here to champion your voice and elevate your vision. Let’s create some magic together! 😊

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A Selection of Books I've Edited!

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Decent of a Broken Man.jpg
Feeling the Burn Book Cover.jpg
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