Congratulations for completing your manuscript! I would LOVE to be the book editor who helps you get a top literary agent or attract a loyal readership, positive reviews & plenty of royalties after self-publishing!

My name is Chelsea and I'm the professional book editor & proofreader here at Stand Corrected Editing.

As with all my clients who seek professional book editing services, I'll go through your manuscript line by line and thoroughly check for the relevant issues appropriate for the service you choose!

My book editing services will ensure that your story content, structure, writing, flow and language is perfected before you query literary agents or self-publish!

You'll also receive constructive feedback & suggestions in the margin of your manuscript, which will highlight certain areas where your work could be stronger, improved, or more consistent.

To keep you in control of your manuscript, I use the Tracked Changes tool in Microsoft Word so you then have the choice to accept or ignore my edits & suggestions.

I really look forward to working with you if you choose me as your book editor! Feel free to check out my editing & proofreading services below &
get in touch here! :)

My Book
Editing Services

Developmental Editing

My developmental editing service offers a thorough read-through of your manuscript, with helpful comments & suggestions added throughout, and a detailed editorial report on your story and structure. 

Line Editing

Line editing is the heaviest type of copy editing, so my line editing service will eliminate all errors & inconsistencies within your manuscript so it's ready for querying or self-publishing.

Copy Editing

If you're relatively confident in your writing but still want to receive a thorough edit, my copy editing service will fix the most obvious issues within your manuscript so it's perfect for agents or publication.


Proofreading is the lightest edit usually carried out after the heavier editing services are executed and before publication to catch any rogue mistakes. My proofreading service will ensure that your manuscript is squeaky clean!

Hey! I'm Chelsea!

I'm the book editor here at Stand Corrected Editing! With my professional book editing services, I help passionate writers like you to get your manuscripts ready for querying literary agents or self-publishing.

My ultimate goal is to provide you with a fully-edited manuscript you can be proud to share with the world, and to do this, I offer developmental editing, line editing, copy editing and proofreading.

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Professional Book Editor UK

A Selection of Books I Have Edited

Time Served Book Cover.jpg
The Weight Loss Code Workbook.jpg
Mexican Tales by Victor Villarreal.jpg
Decent of a Broken Man Book Cover.jpg
The Shadows in Silion Book Cover.jpg
Manhattan Wives and their Mistresses Cover.png
Feeling the Burn Book Cover.jpg
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