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Perfect if you're a beginner when it comes to self-editing - this program has everything you need! 

This step-by-step self-editing program will walk you through EACH & EVERY part of the book editing process, including developmental editing, line editing, copy editing & proofreading, so you know exactly how to transform your own novel! 🥳

This program is perfect for you if: 

✅ You're approaching the self-editing stage and want to get it right first time! 

✅ You're in the middle of revising your novel but are stuck! 

✅ You want to learn a book editor's secrets so you can revise your manuscript stress-free! 


I'm so excited to see you on the other side!! There's SO much waiting for you!! 🥰

You'll get: 

👉 My entire system for revising & completely transforming your manuscript during the self-editing stage (how I edit my clients' novels!) 

👉 A complete breakdown on how to simplify the self-editing process so you're not going round and round in circles (vital if you're serious about your book!) 

👉 The opportunity to access everything you need to having an elevated chance achieving your author dreams; aka being a full-time author one day! 

👉 Access to an EXCLUSIVE VIP Facebook group (my cosy lil community) where Chelsea personally answers your questions! 

👉 Lifetime access & any future program updates! 

Are you ready to completely transform your manuscript and progress with your full-time author dreams? 

Grab your spot right now!! 🥳

Regular Price: £297

TODAY'S PRICE: Only £97!!

Program Breakdown!


Program FAQs

At your own pace, I'll be walking you through my book editing strategies so you can implement them into YOUR manuscript! 🥳

It's time to get the self-editing process right to save you a lot of wasted time and preventable stress!! 

The total cost of this program is £97.00 GBP, but you can choose up to 5 monthly payment plans to suit your budget! 

I'd love to see you in the program! 🥰

But first...I thought I'd do you a favour and answer some questions you might have! 👇

Chelsea, we're just getting to know each other, how can I trust you? 

Totally get your hesitancy! I've invested in creative writing courses before and didn't see great results, so I completely get it! 💖

I believe that this program is the missing piece that will help you to completely transform your manuscript with so much ease, so I want you to feel safe working with me. 

Which is why I have the world's best guarantee. If you join this program and SAY YES to your next big uplevel, I promise that you will love it. I love this program and I've put my heart and soul into it. 🥰

However, if you fully complete this program within 30 days, implement all of my strategies but genuinely believe that your manuscript isn't improved in any way, I insist on giving you a full refund. 

Chelsea, will this work for me and my novel? 

Yes, it'll work for you and your novel. Over the last 3 years, I've helped aspiring authors from all walks of life all with different genres! 🥳

The reason why it works for everybody is because it's NOT a cookie-cutter program! 

If you've been struggling to self-edit your manuscript before, it's not your fault. Likely, you've been following copy/paste tactics from randomers who are just sharing what worked for THEM. Instead, I believe that because you're unique, the way in which you self-edit your manuscript MUST be unique to you. 🥰

In other words, for the first time ever, you might actually enjoy the self-editing stage because it'll be customised to YOU and YOUR novel.

It's a beautiful thing!!

Chelsea, I'm worried I can't afford it...what should I do? 

I totally get it! It can be so daunting investing in yourself and buying an online program, but that's why you can now choose a monthly payment plan that suits your budget! 🥰

Many of my best clients thought they couldn't afford to hire me & invest in my £££ book editing services, but because of my instalment plans, they were able to follow their dreams without breaking the bank!! 

Chelsea, how fast can I expect to see results?
Okay, this is my favourite question because I LOVE the answer I'm able to give you. (And I'm super proud of the answer, too!) 🥳

You can see results (aka transform your manuscript) as fast as you want to!

Nope. I'm NOT kidding!

When you join my program, you get LIFETIME ACCESS and you can go at whatever speed suits YOU! 

👉 If you want to transform your manuscript in just 1 month, you can!! 

👉 If you want to work through the program leisurely and transform your manuscript within 6 months, you absolutely CAN!! 

The power is in your hands! 🥰

Chelsea, I’m worried I won’t have the time! Is there a time limit to complete the course? 
There's no time limit - you get unlimited access, and you can complete the steps & lessons at your own pace, so there's no rush or obligation to finish everything as soon as possible.

This program is designed to work around you and your lifestyle, so you can work through everything at a pace that suits you. 😊

Chelsea, how does the program work? 

In a way, the program runs itself!

All of my book editing secrets, strategies and techniques are mapped out for you within each step of the course, and you can 'complete' each lesson after you've either read through it or implemented the info & strategies.

You can technically do each step and lesson in any order that suits you, but if you're actively implementing, it's best to follow the program in order. 🥰

Chelsea, do we have regular online meetings to discuss progress? 
At this stage, regular online meetings aren’t included within the program, but you do get access to my private Facebook group - there's a link to it within the program - where you can ask me all of your questions, either specifically about your manuscript or editing in general. 😃


Chelsea, how are payments made? 
Participants pay through the program portal on my website. You can either input your card details or pay via PayPal, whichever is easiest for you! 😊

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Join my growing community of fiction writers who are already in the program... and loving it!! 🥰

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