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Self-Editing Program for Aspiring Authors! 🥰

What's Included?

This BRAND-NEW self-editing program will walk you through EACH & EVERY aspect of the book editing process, including developmental editing, line editing, copy editing & proofreading, so you know exactly how to transform your own novel! 🥳 This program is perfect for you if: ✅ You're approaching the self-editing stage and want to get it right first time! ✅ You're in the middle of revising your novel but are stuck! ✅ You want to learn all my book editing secrets so you can completely transform YOUR manuscript! I'm so excited to see you on the other side!! There's SO much waiting for you!! 🥰👇 You'll get: 👉 My new signature program that'll help you transform your manuscript! 👉 Access to an EXCLUSIVE VIP Facebook group; Chelsea personally answers your questions! 👉 Lifetime access & any future program updates! Are you ready to completely transform your manuscript? Grab your spot right now!! 🥳

Program Breakdown! 📋

Payment Options! 🥰


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