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5 Common Expectations You Shouldn't Have for Literary Agents | Explained by UK Book Editor

5 Common Expectations NOT to Have for Literary Agents

Professional book editor in the UK lists and explains the 5 most common expectations aspiring authors shouldn't have for literary agents when querying!

Most writers embark on their querying journey with an open mind, a humble heart and zero expectations, but there are - and probably always will be - a select few who query literary agents with high expectations, usually stemming from ignorance or arrogance, or both.

However, the absolute worst thing you can do for yourself and your manuscript is query with expectations soaring through the roof. Not only will you annoy the agents you contact, but you'll also never get a traditional book deal and the constant rejection will chip away at your confidence, self-esteem and motivation.

On the one hand, you may already know that you have certain expectations when you query literary agents, but on the other, you may not realise that you have them, so this post will help you to identify the top 5 expectations you shouldn't have and why.