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5 Creepy Ways to Make Your Horror Novel Truly Spine-Chilling | Advice from a UK Book Editor

Professional book editor in the UK gives horror writers the top 5 creepy ways to make a horror novel truly spine-chilling!

Sometimes, it can be difficult to write a novel that’s truly horrifying. Even in a lot of horror movies that have the added benefit of being able to visibly show their chilling tales, some of them suffer from cheap jump scares in order to actually scare the audience, which can fall flat or become predictable to an avid horror fan.

So as a horror writer, what are you to do? How can you write a horror novel that actually scares your readers and leaves them on edge, forcing them to look over their shoulder?

In this article, I’ll discuss the basis of fear and what elements you can incorporate into your horror story, not only to make it better in general, but to also make it more spine-chilling and memorable.