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5 Fool Proof Ways to Protect Yourself From Theft When Hiring a Book Editor (Part 2/2)

Professional book editor in the UK provides 5 clever ways aspiring authors can protect themselves from the theft of their manuscripts when hiring book editors online.

Unfortunately, as mentioned in part 1 of this post, which was about whether there's a possibility that a book editor could steal your manuscript, one of the main reasons aspiring authors never hire a novel editor is because they fear that their hard work will get stolen.

It's an understandable worry, especially if you've never hired a book editor before, but as I've already explained in part 1, there are multiple valid reasons a genuine manuscript editor would never even dream about pinching your novel, even if they thought it has the potential to earn millions.

However, telling you over and over again that we book editors are trustworthy won't get you on our side so easily, so this post - part 2 - will give you 5 ways to actually protect yourself from theft, just to be on the safe side.