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7 Ways to Make Teenage Characters in YA Fiction Relatable to Teenage Readers | UK Book Editor Tells!

How to Create Teenage Characters in YA Fiction

Professional book editor in the UK lists the top 8 ways to create relatable teenage characters in young adult fiction!

One of the most significant issues aspiring authors have today is writing relatable characters.

When you have a story the reader struggles to relate to, you'll find that your novel ends up in a pile that the reader has chosen not to finish. However, avoiding one major issue can ensure that this doesn't happen to you: make your characters relatable and engaging so your audience actually wants to understand what they're going through.

Thanks to the relatively modern category – young adult literature – in the literary market, teenagers now form a large part of the audience who are on the lookout for their next read. Consequently, by failing to accommodate them, you would be cutting yourself off from a generation that could benefit from your words and ideas.