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A Professional Book Editor Explains Why You Shouldn't Worry Whether People Will Hate Your Book!

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Professional Book Editor Explains Why You Shouldn't Worry Whether People Will Hate Your Book

Professional book editor in the UK puts your worries at ease and explains why you shouldn't stress that people will hate your novel!

Do negative comments about your writing get to you down, or do you brush them off easily?

There will always be a select few who like to hate, but there will be an abundance of others who show their support and love, so keep writing and never bow down to internet criticism! You have ultimate control over your book, and YOU have put all the work in, so if you've done everything to make your novel the best it can be, the negative comments should be irrelevant!

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Let's say that you do everything you can to produce a high quality novel - by investing in a professional book editor, properly formatting your work & hiring an amazing cover designer - you should try to avoid worrying that people will hate your story. I know that can be easier said than done, but writing a book shouldn't be a public vote.

When you're in the comfort of your own home writing your pride & joy, no one dictates the direction of your tale, and no one tells you what to write next. So, the one with the control is you. You hold the reigns of your story, and you know what's best for the plot and characters. Yes, you may need a developmental editor to fix the plot holes or flesh out an under developed character, but ultimately, the story is yours.

So, providing that your story is THE BEST it can be, it doesn't matter what unsatisfied readers think - unless the novel really is poor - but their negative reviews that only give an OPINION of how your story or plot "should" have been written shouldn't get to you too much.

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Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and everyone is free to leave reviews, but the trolls who love to hate & throw their opinions around like facts aren't worth the worry!

They weren't there when you stayed up late to finish writing another chapter, and they weren't there through the self-doubt and the days you felt like giving up, so try not to be at the mercy of internet criticism, especially from strangers who try to tell you that your story is "wrong".

It's not wrong, it's yours, so own it!

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- Chelsea x



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