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Dive into the art of "show, don't tell" with this 8-page guide put together by an experienced book editor for fiction writers like you! 😊


It's packed with 90 examples split across 6 handy categories to help you bring your stories to life through rich, detailed writing! 🤩


The 6 categories you'll find inside: 👇🏽


Feelings & Emotions: Get tips on how to let feelings & emotions unfold naturally in your scenes without using boring facts and statements!


Weather: Pick up some tricks for using the weather to set the perfect mood and reflect the emotions and events in your story!


Environment & Surroundings: Get the scoop on how to describe settings that readers can practically step into!


Characterisation: Explore ways to help your readers get to know your characters without stating the obvious!


Physical Appearances: See how to explain what your characters look like without directly telling the audience! 


Senses: Unlock the secrets to using the five senses to pull readers right into your story! 


Perfect for both newbies and seasoned writers, this guide is your go-to for making your stories more vivid, immersive and engaging. 😃


Grab these 90 examples if you want to make your writing truly pop and keep your audience hooked! 🥳

90 Quick Examples of Show, Don't Tell in Fiction Writing!

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