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Writing a first draft is easy, but writing a novel that deserves a literary agent is a challenge. If you're an aspiring author but worry your writing isn't good enough for big publishers, this masterclass is just for you! In this eBook, you'll discover ALL the secrets you need to write a page-turner no literary agent will dare to refuse!


Instead of staring at a blank piece of paper and wasting your precious writing time, you could unlock the secrets to writing a MIND-BLOWING novel all literary agents will want to read! Purchase & download now to access EXCLUSIVE strategies, techniques, and step-by-step guides so YOU can finally make a name for yourself in the publishing world!





  • What You Will Learn in this Book

Meet the Author

Chapter 1: Understanding Your Genre

Chapter 2: Structure and Outline

  • Understanding the Three-Act Structure
  • How to Write a Simple but Effective Outline for Your Novel

Chapter 3: POV and Narrative Tense

  • Choosing the Best Point of View for Your Story
  • Narrative Tense: Past vs Present

Chapter 4: Character Creation and Development

  • The Perfect Protagonist
  • Memorable Side Characters
  • Vicious Villains

Chapter 5: Fiction Writing Essentials

  • Crafting Your First Chapter
  • Writing Believable Dialogue
  • Writing Mind-Blowing Cliffhangers
  • Writing Story-Enhancing Subplots
  • How to Write the Inciting Incident
  • Writing an Explosive Climax

Chapter 6: How to Show Like a Pro (Shh! Never Tell!)

Chapter 7: Creative Writing Necessities

  • New Lines, Paragraphs & Scene Breaks
  • The Passive vs Active Voice
  • How to Avoid Repetition
  • How to Avoid Lengthy Sentences
  • How to Keep Your Writing Consistent

Chapter 8: Finishing Your Novel

  • How to Beat Writer’s Block
  • Staying Motivated as a Writer
  • Finishing a Book Even with a Full-Time Job

Final Words


How to Write a Bestselling Novel eBook!

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