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Everything you need to create and develop the best fictional characters! Just £5!


📝 This character creation & development guide for aspiring authors shows you my exact process to writing brilliant characters who are believable and memorable! 


📝 I share the exact steps & strategies any writer can use to create characters you can feel proud to share with agents and readers (even if you're just getting started)!


In this in depth (36-page) guide, you'll discover: 


✅ The top 14 ways to bring your protagonist to life! 

✅ Whether or not you should kill your main character! 

✅ 10 best ways to make your side characters memorable! 

✅ 200+ questions to ask when creating & developing your characters! 

✅ 104 flaws for your characters! 

✅ 10 secrets to making your antagonist more believable! 

✅ 32 motives for your main character's enemy! 


Grab your copy while it's only £5!!

The Complete Character Creation & Development Guide

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