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Unlock my ultimate self-editing checklist that breaks down the self-editing process into four sections, making it so much easier than ever to revise your work independently. 🥳👇


Section 1: Developmental Editing.

Section 2: Line Editing.

Section 3: Copy Editing.

Section 4: Proofreading.


You might initially think that dividing the self-editing process into four parts will take you even longer, but equally, if you try to do it all at once, you'll overcomplicate the whole process, taking you longer anyway. 


So, whether you're a newbie writer or a published author already, this FREE checklist will help you simplify your self-editing journey and ensure that you cover everything during your revisions! 


Download my ultimate self-editing checklist for FREE! 

The Ultimate Checklist for Self-Editing Your First Draft

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