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5 Video Games with Well-Developed Characters, Plots and Worldbuilding! Revealed by UK Book Editor

Professional book editor in the UK delves into her top 5 favourite video games and explores why their characterisation, plot and worldbuilding could help aspiring authors with their novels!

When we think of stories, characters and worldbuilding, we often imagine books, films and TV shows, but less of us consider the power of video games.

Sadly, video games often conjure the image of teenage boys who have nothing else to do, or adult men who still live in their parents' basement, but video games target a wide range of people and offer so much more than may meet the eye at first.

I've always loved video games and continue to play them now, partly because they provide a huge escape and partly because the plots, characters, settings, worldbuilding and immersion is just as good as what you can get from a novel.