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50 Reasons to Choose me as Your Professional Book Editor!

50 Reasons to Hire My Book Editing Services UK

Professional book editor in the UK shares the top 50 reasons why aspiring authors like you should choose Stand Corrected Editing's book editing services for your novel!

Running an online business can be fun, satisfying, and rewarding, but it also has its fair share of challenges that cause a significant amount of stress, anxiety, and sometimes, a knock in confidence.

So, the business coach I love the most, Maria Wendt, inspired me to write a list of 50 reasons why aspiring authors should choose my book editing services over anyone else's.

I didn't think I could produce 5 reasons, let alone 50, but I did it!

Not only will this list hopefully show you why you should choose me as your book editor, but I hope it will help my confidence as I continue to grow my editorial business, Stand Corrected Editing. 👇

Manuscript Editing Services UK

1. My prices are well below the standard industry rate according to the CIEP (the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading) and the EFA (the Editorial Freelancer's Association). rates are also lower than many other professional book editing services out there. So, you'll receive so much value for less money!

2. I'm passionate about helping writers on their journey to being an author, so you'll be working with a book editor who's eager to help you!

3. One of my previous clients managed to attract TWO literary agents for his manuscript after investing in my line editing service. Here's the proof! 👇

Line Editing Services UK

4. I have a BA Honours degree in English Literature and Language, so I understand what makes a bloody good book!

5. My developmental editing service helped one of my previous clients to reduce her fantasy novel by 40,000 words, so if you're an over-writer, you could achieve similar results working with me! Here's what she said! 👇

Developmental Editing Service UK

6. If you haven't had your manuscript professionally edited before, I offer a bundle that includes developmental AND line editing for half price!

7. I specialise in the following genres: fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, horror, and romance.

8. I have experience editing the following genres: fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, horror, romance, erotica, women's fiction, contemporary, crime, thriller, YA & MG fiction, short stories, poetry, memoirs, and non-fiction.

9. I am also a fantasy writer, so I understand the struggles, obstacles, and hurdles that come with the passion for writing.

10. You don't have to pay the full amount upfront here at Stand Corrected Editing. You can leave a 50% deposit at the beginning of the process and pay the remaining balance at the end. Alternatively, I'm happy to work out an individual payment plan with you to suit your financial needs.

Copy Editing Services UK

11. One of my first clients has since self-published her romance novel, Manhattan Wives and their Mistresses, which has several sparkling reviews, and she's also had her name published in the Evening Standard!

12. Since learning the hard way, I now always have a client contract signed before any editing is done.

13. If you become a returning client, you'll receive my client loyalty discount on any book editing service, which is a 26% discount.

14. Although it can sting a little to have our work ripped apart, I provide a thorough, detailed edit, so you'll always receive amazing value for money when working with me.

15. I know what it's like to have your manuscript criticized - I've been in your position too! - so I understand the importance of kindness, compassion, and understanding when editing someone else's novel.

16. My client return rate is 46.6% - almost half!!

17. Although Stand Corrected Editing is only 2 years old, I am currently on page 1 of Google when you type in "book editing services UK"!

17. I understand that it's difficult for authors to make money, so I provide free writing, editing & publishing tips on my Instagram page (@standcorrected_editing) and blog.

18. I maintain a weekly blog on my website for people who don't follow me on Instagram, so those writers can still access free helpful information.

19. I offer discount giveaways on Instagram for writers who are ready to have their manuscripts professionally edited.

20. Unlike many of the larger editorial companies, I work alone, so when clients contact me, it's me who personally responds to emails and edits their manuscripts.

Book Proofreading Services UK

21. I currently have 20 amazing reviews on my Google review page written by satisfied clients.

23. I currently have two years of experience as a book editor.

24. I always buy my clients' books and leave them a review once they're published. I also promote their books on my Instagram, blog, and email newsletter.

25. Upon request, I offer a free sample edit for the first 1500 words of a writer's manuscript.

26. For clients who opt for a developmental edit, I also offer an accompanying editorial report that goes into more detail.

27. Once I have finished editing a client's manuscript and they have received my edits, I always delete their work from my laptop and USB to protect them against potential theft and leaks through hacking.

28. Upon request, I am happy to sign NDAs for clients so they know I cannot legally share, steal, or use their work in any way.

29. Unless I'm on holiday, I typically respond to emails within 24-48 hours, so you won't be waiting weeks for a response.

30. I always have a discount deal on, so you'll get even MORE money off my book editing services.

60 Essential Editing Tips Checklist

31. I am extremely ambitious and determined, so I understand the importance of making your manuscript right the first time.

32. I believe in editing well, not just fast...but I can do both! ;)

33. You'll be working with someone who edits, not just runs your manuscript through Grammarly or ProWritingAid.

34. I'm 100% committed to your success - I get so proud when my clients get a literary agent or self-publish their amazing novels!

35. I believe that every writer matters, including you!

36. My manuscript editing services provide a fresh perspective; one you may not have considered before.

Manuscript Editing Services UK

37. I'll help to shift you from overwhelming chaos to your proudest achievement!

38. I'm not interested in just telling you what I do, I want to show you how I can help through my edits.

39. If you have any questions, queries, concerns, or worries about any of my edits and suggestions, I'll be here to listen to you and do the best I can to find a solution.

40. Client confidentiality is important to me. I wouldn't want my unpublished work revealed without my permission, so I'm not going to do that to you. As a result, I have anti-virus, malware, and anti-hacking software on my devices with cyber protection insurance, and I always delete your work immediately after delivering my edits to you.

Literary Editors UK

41. I've worked with countless writers since 2019 of all gender identities, races, religions, ages, disabilities, sexual orientations - you name it! So, as long as you're friendly, hard-working and open-minded, I'd love to work with you!

42. I started from the bottom! The tiny business you're reading about has been launched and funded by myself. Sometimes I've questioned what the heck I was thinking, but I'm proof that you CAN achieve your dreams if you stick with it and focus!

43. Previous clients have told me that I've helped them feel at ease and less daunted about having their novel edited. Some clients have even told me that I've done a much better job than previous editors & 'hybrid' publishers who have f*cked up their first novel.

Copy Editing Services UK

44. I've volunteered, worked, and still work on a casual basis in the public library service (for the past 7 years), so I've had enough time to read a lot of books and blurbs to learn what makes an epic read!

45. My edits won't just polish your novel, they will also teach you how to improve your writing skills for the future.

46. If you plan to query literary agents, I also provide my Agent Querying Bundle Service that could increase your chance of attracting your dream literary agent.

47. After you've self-published your novel, I'll help you to promote it on my website, Instagram, Pinterest, and email newsletter!

48. I'm an introvert with really bad social anxiety, so although I LOVE working with different writers all over the world, you'll be relieved to know that I'm not going to force you onto a 'sales call' or a zoom meeting to discuss everything. I'll happily take the time to construct everything via email.

49. I have three payment options - bank transfer (for UK-based clients), PayPal, and Stripe (on request), so you'll have a choice if you work with me.

50. An amazing business coach - Maria Wendt - inspired me to make this list. "Pfft!" I thought. "No way am I going to reach 50!" But here we are at the finish line, and I'm here to help you do the same! 😊

I really hope to work with you very soon!

Warmest wishes,

Chelsea x



Hey! I'm Chelsea and I'm a professional book editor at Stand Corrected Editing, my independent editorial business in the UK. If you would like to have your manuscript thoroughly edited by myself, please get in touch!

With my book editing and proofreading services, I hope to spread my knowledge and expertise on how to make your novel a success, and be a mentor to others who desperately want to pursue a fruitful career as an author!


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