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UK Book Editor Reveals Top 7 Ways to Find the Right Book Editing Services for Your Novel!

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

A UK Book Editor Explains How to Find the Right Book Editing Services for Your Novel

Qualified UK book editor explains how to easily find affordable book editing services for your manuscript!

The editing stage is a crucial step in your journey as a writer, and that means actually investing in a professional editor after you have self-edited your novel. Please, please, please don’t just depend on Grammarly or ProWritingAid. If anything, relying on artificial intelligence to polish your book will cause more harm than good. You know why? Because these types of programs lack the knowledge and understanding of the literary world, which a human book editor, like me, possesses.

So, if you’re serious about attracting your dream literary agent or finding success as a self-published author, you need to find an editor for your book. However, I understand that finding the right editor for your novel can be challenging for some writers – I’ve had a few clients at Stand Corrected Editing who have told me that their previous editors made a mess of their manuscript, which left them out of pocket and back at square one. I’ve been happy to help these writers to get their stories back on track, but if they knew how to find the right editor from the start, they wouldn’t have needed to part with more money and waste more time.

So, to help you avoid the same mistake, I’m going to walk you through how to find the right editor for your book in 7 easy steps.