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Exclusive Interview with Sarah Bramley, Romance Author of Manhattan Wives and their Mistresses!

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Professional book editor in the UK interviews romance author, Sarah Bramley, about her titillating tale, Manhattan Wives and their Mistresses!

I'm incredibly excited to share this exclusive interview with the lovely Sarah Bramley, author of Manhattan Wives and their Mistresses, and a client I am SO proud of for publishing her new novel.

Get comfortable and discover why Sarah opted for self-publishing over the traditional route, what inspired her to write Manhattan Wives and their Mistresses, and where you can get your copy today!!


So, why did you decide to start writing, Sarah?

When I was at secondary school, I had an innate interest in TV and film, and I also enjoyed drama - being on stage for school plays. Although, I very much preferred writing the scripts for my own roles, rather than acting from a script given to me. In this regard, I suppose acting wasn’t really my thing – I was leaning more towards script writing.

I had this fantasy that I would move to LA to pursue a career in the film industry after finishing my degree, but this didn’t quite happen due to various circumstances! Since graduating in Business Studies and Marketing, I side-lined my creative interests for several years, but the drive to be involved in creative projects never left me.

Through writing novels, I’m able to fulfil the dramatics within me – applying it to paper rather than acting on the stage.

What made you go from traditional publishing to self-publishing?

Over the last several years, I feel like I’ve learnt a lot since writing my debut novel, Chelsea Wives and their Mistresses. As a complete novice with no prior experience in the publishing industry, I found myself going along the traditional route for my debut, but through this experience alone, I was left wanting to explore self-publishing.

It's exceptionally important to work with the right team, and now as a self-published author, I get to choose my team (including Chelsea from Stand Corrected Editing!). Thus, I republished my debut with a second lengthier edition through the self-publishing process. I kept writing since this launch, but it was more of a way of ‘finding myself.’

Self-publishing my second novel, Manhattan Wives and their Mistresses, was a rewarding experience because I got to make all the decisions for its development from start to finish.

What made you write Manhattan Wives and their Mistresses?

I once read a quote that said something along the lines of – a book needs to want to be written, and that rings very true with me! I would dream of plots for novels in my sleep, even when I wasn’t writing or thinking about them before I went to bed!

Somehow, this plot just came together for me and I had this urge to get to work on it 24/7. I was also filled with excitement at the entertainment potential! But I am also passionate in developing a broader market in the media for women with sexual fluidity. Sexual fluidity is common in women, but I feel there is currently still a lack of representation on TV and in films – as well as in novels. I also wanted to develop characters who do not fit the ‘stereotypical mould’ of gay women, which has lingered on for so many years! I have met many glamorous lesbian and bisexual women over the years, who helped to inspire my main characters. I chose to base my novel in New York this time, rather than in London, because like London - New York is such a magical city with a lot of excitement to offer.

Who is your target audience?

Anyone who is interested in the excitement of Manhattan and loves to be entertained, regardless of the sexual orientation of the main characters.

Where can readers find Manhattan Wives and their Mistresses?

It is sold only on Amazon. Links can be found on my website


Manhattan Wives and their Mistresses

Manhattan Wives and their Mistresses by Sarah Bramley

Isabel Rossi has a secret.

Admired for her beauty, Isabel's curious masculine energy is also noted by many. Not only does Isabel feel that the only man she needs is Manhattan, but there is also a man inside of her who is increasingly difficult to contain.

Meanwhile, Eva Pascal has learnt that when a marriage is fuelled by lust and greed, everyone just wants a decent figure - to have and to hold.

From composed interviews to antics at the renowned Honey Girl Club where the owner tastes only bitterness, Isabel and Eva must overcome their own challenges to find happiness in the city.


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