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How to Revisit Your Old Writing Projects After a Break | Guest Post Written by Annie Percik

We’ve all got them. Those old writing projects that never quite come together, or that fall by the wayside and are replaced by newer, shinier ideas.

It’s very easy to start a project and then lose focus or motivation when life gets in the way. You may love them but not know how to bring them back out into the light.

One major fear is the prospect of having to rewrite the whole thing, which feels like going backwards rather than moving forwards. But they may well contain the kernel of something that could be great. And, regardless, they are still words you have written, and it’s a shame not to let them reach their true potential. You must have thought the idea was worthwhile when you started writing it, so why not take a look and see if there’s anything left you can salvage?

You never know what gold you might find in a forgotten folder of unfinished projects.