How to Balance Reading for Pleasure and Writing Your Manuscript | Advice from a UK Book Editor

Updated: Mar 25

How to Balance Reading and Writing

Have you ever had a few hours of free time that ends up getting wasted because you can’t decide whether to read or write?

You feel guilty if you use the time to write your novel; let’s face it, you probably don’t read as much as you should, but you just cannot focus on someone else’s story when yours needs to be written!

Sound familiar?

Yeah, I’ve been there too!

A lot of writers, including myself, struggle to balance reading and writing - the two activities that are essential to an author’s success, but it doesn’t have to be a constant battle every time you have some free time.

You can absolutely balance these two activities without neglecting one for the other, and this post will give you 5 solutions to help you to level your time.

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Solution 1: Morning and Evening

If you have a traditional 9-5 work schedule, you’ll likely have some free time in the morning and evening; certainly the evening if you always get out of bed at the last minute, like me, but the time you have before and after work could be a great time for you to get some reading and writing into your day.

If you’re a night owl like me, you probably don’t want to be getting up at five in the morning just to write 1,000 words, so why not spend 30 – 60 minutes while you’re still in bed to read a chapter or two of the book you’re reading? That way, you can stay in bed a little longer, catch up on your reading pile and write some more of your novel after work guilt-free.