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How to Create a Believable Character with Dyslexia Explained by a Professional Book Editor

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

How to Create and Write a Dyslexic Character

Professional book editor in the UK advises how to create & write a dyslexic character in your novel!

One of the aspects I loved about the Percy Jackson series was that Percy, and most of the other demigods, had dyslexia, something you don't often see in literature.

Rick Riordan created the perfect balance between showing the struggles that come with dyslexia, but also how being dyslexic helped the characters to save the world.

Sadly, though, some people still have the wrong idea about dyslexia, with common assumptions being that dyslexic people have lower intelligent and IQs; can't read or spell; have vision problems; aren't trying hard enough; and will grow out of it, but these few false stereotypes need to be stomped out, especially if you want to create a dyslexic character for your novel.

If your dyslexic character is merely a stereotype, your readers, particularly the ones WITH dyslexia themselves, will quickly pick up on it and struggle to take them seriously.