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Open Up Your Creative Potential With The Character Consultancy!

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Professional book editor in the UK interviews Hayley from The Character Consultancy, a creative company that helps aspiring authors to full develop their fictional characters and add depth to their personality!

TCC works with you to add depth and scope to your creative work, to help inspire you while writing your draft. The company employs experienced writers with therapeutic training, who can ask you the right kinds of questions to open up your creative potential.

In addition, TCC will also discuss your goals with you, so that you can work together in a focused way, to prepare your writing for copy-editing and publishing.

No Frills Analysis

Case Study

Take Iksom Alagast, for example. His creator wanted a villainous character with a dark past, but lost his way over the fine details. TCC worked with him to fine-tune Iksom, to see exactly how his natural need for safety and the positive regard of others, and desire to make his mark on the world interplayed with the circumstances life had dealt him. His creator was delighted with the end result and is in the process of writing Iksom's arc in a trilogy.

During such a study, TCC produces a written report called a No Frills.


For writers who want to work in real-time, TCC offers consultations over Discord, Zoom, or Skype.

Worldbuilding and Fantasy Species Development

All characters exist within a physical setting and a culture. TCC develops both of these with you to develop their depth and richness and further inspire your writing. As they do, they write a reference document that you can comment on and refer back to at any time.

Case Study

Lissoriel is an excellent example of a fantasy world in progress. It contains multiple species, all of which have their own history, culture, and physiological strengths and weaknesses. All are at the mercy of multiple countries, each with their own politics. TCC is in the process of guiding the creator to enrich Lissoriel, until she feels ready to write a story about this world.



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