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6 Important Steps to Take to Get the Right Feedback on Your Writing & Use it Well | By Annie Percik

How to Handle Feedback from a Book Editor UK

Freelance editor and proofreader reveals the 6 most important steps to getting the right feedback on your manuscript and using it in the best way!

Sending your work out for feedback can be a very scary thing. Up until that point, you may have been the only person who has ever read your manuscript, and it can often feel like your creation is something you want to nurture and protect.

But getting an outside view on your writing is essential to making it the best it can be. Often, a writer is so close to their work that they are unable to see potential issues or areas for improvement. I know I suffer from this problem, as a writer. I find it incredibly difficult to revise my own writing without outside assistance, even though I work as a professional editor, and have no trouble helping other writers improve their work!

So, once you’ve made the decision to get some help with your writing, how do you make sure you get what you want out of the exchange, and are in a position to receive the feedback in a constructive way that will help you improve?