Top 10 Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts as an Indie Author | Written by a UK Book Editor

How to Promote Your Indie Author Blog Posts

Professional book editor reveals the top 10 ways to promote your blog posts as an indie author!

In these modern times, more writers are self-publishing their novels instead of seeking representation from a literary agent, meaning that every aspect of the process falls to the author. Unlike traditional authors, indie authors don’t have a marketing team, so they have to take full responsibility for promotion and sales after their book has been published.

An effective way to promote yourself as an indie author is to create content consistently. Some authors create YouTube videos, others run podcasts, and many write blog posts to achieve this. Blogs in particular have become a popular choice because…well, we writers write for a reason – many of us hate speaking or showing our face on camera. Blog posts also give the audience the chance to use their imaginations, something many readers love.

In this post, I'll be giving you my top 10 ways to promote your blog posts, which will be broken down into four categories.

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Category 1: Self-promotion

Self-promotion is the easiest to achieve as it simply involves being yourself and expressing enthusiasm for your writing, but before we delve into the three points within this category, I must remind you to inform people that you actually have a blog, which may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many readers won’t know about your posts.

As an example, I’m a professional book editor with a website, social media profiles and a growing portfolio of edited work, but I’m still always promoting my blog posts to my email subscribers and Instagram followers – because if I don’t keep promoting, my audience will assume that my blog no longer exists.

Anyway, there are three main ways you can best self-promote your blog posts and indie author platform in general.